Monday, December 17, 2012

Camping in the Desert

I grew up camping. I remember starting off in tents. Then my family moved up to the pop-up and pull-behind-a-truck campers. The campers were fun, but there was just something about camping in a tent! When I went away to college, my dad gave me a big box filled with camping gear! I kept it in the back of my Jeep Cherokee because I never knew when I needed an impromptu camping trip. My love for camping stayed even after I got married and had my first baby. We took Alexis up to Jones Gap State park in SC when she was around 8 months old. It was cold and we did not get a lot of sleep! But it was still a memory I am glad we have! We took her again when she was 18 months and it was so fun! She loved playing in the streams and throwing leaves.
When we first moved here we were sad that we no longer had a Jones Gap to camp in, but we quickly learned that this culture is very much into camping! I imagine camping here is like what it was when my parents were little. You could just drive up to where you wanted to camp and set up your tent. More primitive style. (now wait just a minute! I am not suggesting that my parents are so old that everything was primitive in their day. Haha, rather I am just saying I cannot recall a time where I did not have to pay for my camping spot in my lifetime.) If you want to go camping on the beach, then go for it! Just find a spot! If you want to go to the mountains, then do it! It is that easy here! This is such a camping culture! We found one-time grills: little tins with charcoal, a rack, and a book of matches. It was packed together and only about $3. The only down side to camping here is that firewood is a little more expensive, and there is not much just laying around the campsite!
Anyway...two weeks ago we decided to go for our first camping trip to the desert. We invited along our Brazilian friends! We had yummy Kababs cooked over the fire, and introduced the Brazilians to the joy of S'mores! After the sun went down, it actually got COLD! Wearing jackets and staying cozy by the fire was just a blessing! We took the pack-n-play along for KG, but he ended up sleeping beside Hans. Next time I think we will just leave it at home. I slept beside Lexi, and as a result woke up with several scratch marks and bruises! Ok, it was not that bad, but geez! that girl is a crazy sleeper! And she did pull my hair several times.
Our site was in the sand. Thick sand, mind you! The Brazilian's car got stuck three times! We had to dig out sand from around the tires. Alexis loved all the sand, however! She played for hours!
top row: (L) Lexi watching us put up the tent (R) I just love that face!
bottom row: (L) waking up in the morning (R) playing in the sand

top row: Our views by day and by night
bottom row: gazing into the fire and our tents

Overall, our trip was AMAZING! We cannot wait to do it again! So glad we can continue to pass the joy of camping along to our kids!

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