Sunday, December 16, 2012

5 months

Eek! I cannot believe I forgot to blog about KG at 5 months! He will be 6 months in a few days. Yikes, I need to get a handle on these things. Well here are some pics. Better late than never, right?

Sleep: Thank you for your prayers! KG is finally getting a schedule for sleep. (well, most nights!) He goes down around 7:45 and sleeps until 6 or 8 am. He gets up early on the weekends! Silly goose! Naps are still a wild card. But at least we are getting a routine down for night time.

Eating: I am still letting him nurse on demand, but he seems to have a schedule down for when he eats. On the days were he does no feel the best he tends to nurse more. And this month I had a battle with mastitis, so I had him nursing A LOT to try to help relieve pain :/

Clothes: I almost cried a couple of weeks ago when I tried putting him into one of his footie pj's. They were 6-9 months and made his poor little shoulders so hunched over. He is growing quickly!

Likes: His sister! He is really into everything she does now. He always wants to be around her! He gets super giddy when she walks into a room. Lexi has taken it upon herself to be his translator. She likes to tell me when he is hungry, or when he needs a new diaper! Or if he wants to share a cookie or piece of cake with her! haha...she is just trying to get more for herself!
He also likes tags. He loves to play with the tags on his bobby, his stuffed animals, and his pink blankie! (My mom is sending a blue one in the same style...hopefully he will be ok with the switch!)

Dislikes: Riding in the car when it is dark outside!

Baby items we are thankful for: His Aden + Anais sleeping sack. He is a roller in his sleep. He never stays in the same position. And since I am paranoid about letting him sleep with blankets, his sleeping sack is super helpful! Also he knows that when it goes on that it is time for bed.
Another item we are using a lot of right now: Babylegs! These are cute little leg warmers. They are nice for diaper changes and can be put on, or pulled off, quickly.

And BIG news: KG got his Christmas wish early... his two front teeth! He now has two little teeth on the bottom! He never really got cranky or ran a fever. One morning I looked in his mouth and was like, "Whoa! He has a tooth!" And the next morning, "Whoa, he has another tooth!"

Also, a few first:
He celebrated his FISRT Thanksgiving.
Saw his FIRST rain!
Went camping!
and had his FIRST taste of food!

With food, we are taking a different approach this time around. I have been doing loads of research and read a lot on Baby Led Weaning. (BLW) Basically, we offer all the same foods we are eating to KG. At first he just plays with them and sucks the "juices" and then he should get the hang of it and actually start feeding himself. So far he has tried broccoli, carrot, red pepper, zucchini, cucumber, strawberries, and pears. He LOVES pears! He is happy and seems excited about trying new things. I know that some people have given me strange looks when I mention that this is the method we are using. And maybe you feel the same. But I tried puree' with Alexis, and it was not a good experience. And she is one of the most picky eaters I know! The World Health Organization recommends BLW. So before you judge me, I invite you to look into it :)

top row: KG in his 12 month sized PJs! Happy Thanksgiving! Silly glasses!
middle row: Camping trip! From of Christmas photo shoot! Loving that pear!
bottom row: Ready for a walk outside! Trying new food! Being 100% cute!

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