Monday, December 10, 2012

Big Girl Alexis

~A little late. I wanted to post this on her birthday. But we had class that morning and then a big Thanksgiving party that night. So here it is. Happy Birthday Lexi!~


You are such a blessing! Your sweet smile and energetic outlook on life are infectious! You are independent and strong-willed, but we love that about you! When you want something done, you just go and do it all by yourself! That can be a little scary at times for mommy and daddy! Like when you tried to make us coffee! We love watching you think up creative ways to solve problems! We also enjoy your excitement towards learning! You are such a smart little girl! You have the biggest imagination! You can turn anything into a musical instrument! We love watching you take care of others. You always want them to feel included! And you want every one to know that KG is your brother! We praise God for you each and every day! We pray that you are always excited about learning more about him! Hearing you recite memory verses, pray for others, and asking us to read to you from your Bible brings joy to our day! Alexis, we want you to always remember that you are an amazing gem; so radiant, rare, and precious! Love you Big Girl!

Mommy and Daddy
Thank you Brittany May for taking these!
You managed to capture a smile even though she was in a grumpy mood!
these were taken on her last day of being 2

As many of you know is a site with thousands and thousands of awesome ideas. I got the idea of a yearly birthday questionnaire from the site. So here are Alexis' answers to this year's questions: 

A few of Lexi's favorite things
color: PINK
toy: little animals
fruit: "actually, Ice cream"
t.v. show: Little Einstein's, Dora, and Mickey Mouse Club House
movie: Madagascar 3
food: candy
outfit: a pair of watermelon print pants and matching shirt
snack: princess fruit snacks
animal: "um, elephants and giraffes too"
song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
book: any about Maisy
drink: "strawberry milk. Actually mom, I need just one right now."
shape: star
place to go: a-mer-de-ca

what do you want to be when you grow up? A tuba
what makes you happy? A tuba
what makes you sad? dragons and the naughty square (where she has to sit for time out)
what scares you? dragons and caterpillars

what was your favorite thing about your birthday? CAKE
what is your favorite things about being 3? "KG, he's my baby bruder."

Funny Lexi Quotes

"Um, I think I need..."
"I can't like that."
"Daddy, you're strong. Just like a baby crab."   
While in a public restroom with Hans, "Daddy! You did it! Good job!" She shouted this after he went to the bathroom! This was during the early stages of potty training! haha!
At the border crossing, "Daddy, if you have to go outside. Don't. It's dangerous out there!"
"Hamood is my best friend. That boy is cute, cuuuute, cute!
She calls the big mall in Dubai, "Big Bubble City"
"Mommy, your bruder is crying."
"Um, actually..."
"Never, Never, Never!" when we tell her its time for bed.
"I'm grumpy. I dont want my happy face right now."
"Let's play rock-n-roll! I'll play the trumpet!"
"Is this mine (insert any noun)"
Litte words she says funny, "Rhi-nice-erous; Krip-a-per; U-de-corns, Jellyfish noodles (spaghetti), 
A-mer-de-ca, A-puter (computer), stuck in the mutt (mud), Sunbrella (umbrella), A-ggs (eggs)

What big changes happened in year 2?
Lived in 3 different countries (makes 4 countries, and 3 continents in her lifetime)
Potty trained
Started "pre-school"...rode the school bus
and became a BIG SISTER


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