Sunday, November 11, 2012

KG is 4 months

Kristopher Graham turned 4 months on Oct. 19! I know, I know, it is almost November 19th now. It has been a busy month! Asking for grace, as I know that this post is overdue. At least I took his photos!

Sleeping: Sleep, what's sleep? Haha! KG can recharge in about 5 minutes! He is like a bear. One night he is great and sleeps (hibernates) 8 hours in the night. Then the next 2 or 3 nights he sleeps for around 5 hours, waking up every 2 1/2 hours. He is still happy so I assume he is getting enough sleep. This poor mommy on the other hand is like a walking zombie! His morning nap is in his swing. And the afternoon nap really only happens if someone is holding him. Better go to the bathroom before getting him to sleep! Because handing him off wakes him.

going back to sleep in mommy's bed after first morning meal
Eating: He LOVES to eat! But, he only cries at night for milk. During the day I just have to pick up on his hunger cues. (Like when he starts sucking widely on my shoulder!) So during the day he eats about every 4/5 hours. And at night it just varies on if it is his sleeping night or not. Thankfully he is much faster at nursing. It used to take him like 45 minutes! I am still adjusting to his peanut allergy. Hoping if I am super diligent about avoiding them, that he will grow out of it.

Clothes: He is obviously eating enough, because he is in 6-9 month clothes! He is not so much pudgy as he is just long. And I know that the cloth diapers give his booty a bit more um-ph! Still, it is crazy how big he is compared to Alexis when she was his age. He is wearing some of her socks from last summer!

Likes: Bath time is a favorite for Kristopher. He likes not wearing clothes (or a diaper!) And he loves it when his sister plays with him.  He enjoys tummy time, which as become rolling around time! He can roll both ways now. And he LOVES to chew! Oh, and he likes riding in the stroller like a big boy! He likes to people watch! KG likes me. > Not trying to sound boastful about this fact. Its just that he usually cries if anyone else holds him. He pokes his little lip out slowly, then that little lip starts to quiver, and then the tears flow! Its like his feelings are hurt that I would pass him off to someone else! I love holding him, but it would be helpful if he would warm up to others! <

being silly
Baby items we are thankful for: the swing, the Boba baby carrier, my chewbeads necklace, Alexis' pink baby blanket. She gave him her back-up blanket in the car one day hoping it would quiet his crying and he took to it! Now whenever he is really upset it is the one thing that calms him. Maybe I should dye it blue?
     And believe it or not, I am thankful for his cloth diapers. Say what?! For those of you who know me, you know how much I hate doing laundry. I don't mind putting the clothes in the wash, I just dislike folding and putting them away. Strangely I enjoy diaper laundry! Maybe because it makes me feel like I am doing it for him? Funny how motherhood can change you :) I also love that it is helping us save on the cost of disposables.

This little man loves to smile and play! We had to get this after we found him trying to escape from his carseat!

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