Friday, November 16, 2012

CSI Birthday Party

There was a murder at the local hotel. A yard tile was the weapon. The victim? A well-loved local signing icon... who done it? Lead CSI Hans spent the night questioning the hotel guest and staff. Was it the cleaning crew seeking to earn some money for the side job? Or perhaps it was the rival and ever-famous Omar? If not them, maybe it was one of the hotel guest annoyed by the late night concerts?

some of the guests and hotel staff

the body
the crime scene with hand-made tape; yeah, we have to make most things from scratch!

yummy cake made by Traci
It wasn't me. 
 Surprise Hans! Happy Birthday! We had a CSI themed party this year for Hans. It was a lot of fun watching our friends get into character! Best part? Hans had no idea! Everyone showed up dressed differently than normal. And Hans had to change too once I announced what his party was :) He was skeptical at first, but I think he ended up having a lot of fun trying to solve the crime! Thanks to my friend, Traci for whipping up the story! She did an awesome job! And Jully and Raquel, you two were fantastic! Thank you SO much for all of your help! Could not have pulled this off with out you ladies. Jordan took these wonderful pictures (even while being sick!) Also, for everyone who made food, here's a shout out to you: Shout! It was a fun party :)
our very own CSI lead investigator

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