Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Fall

For the longest time Spring was my favorite season, but over the past couple of years something about Fall appealed more to me. Maybe it was living in the foothills in SC? The changing of the leaves was a stunning and beautiful sight! Hans and I used to go on hikes in the state parks and just breathe in that crisp Autumn air! I miss getting dressed up in cozy sweaters and drinking apple cider and coffee!

Oct. 31 at our fall festival

This year I was determined to have that "fall" experience. Even though we are living in the desert, I wanted to have leaves, pumpkin lattes, and a fall festival. So, we did just that! Yeah, it had to be a little more creative, but it was totally worth it!

Prizes at the festival and making fall crafts

We have a walled-in courtyard that surrounds our house. This was a perfect spot to host a mini fall festival. The kids came dressed up in there sweet little costumes! We had games with prizes. There was face painting. And instead of decorating pumpkins the kids decorated oranges. Like I said we had to get creative. I think in years past expats living here carved watermelons! We even made our own paper leaves :) Oh, and Lexi's favorite: we had CANDY! She loves some candy!

Thank you B.H. for taking these pics! I was too busy running around to even pull out my camera. So a huge thank you!


  1. This is AMAZING! I'm super impressed... and a little sad we missed it! :) Next year, friend! Love ya'll! Kisses to the kiddos!

  2. Yes! Next year! :) Missed having you here! Love you guys!