Sunday, April 7, 2013

An Easter to Remember

     Spring came and went in about three weeks for us! But we made the most of it and decorated for Easter! Because we live in a country that does not celebrate Easter, we cannot just run out to a Hobby Lobby, Target, or any other store for decorations: SO we had to make our own. Some girl friends came over and we had a craft night.
Kristopher's first Easter basket (I made the chicks and the eggs)
Lexi's Easter basket! The hits of the basket were the doll and slinky
     Now that we are in a new language program we have more control over our class schedule. So, we chose to take the week of Easter off! To celebrate we took a trip to Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are so thankful to have friends who let us crash with them!
     Our weekend started off with a relaxing night of catching up with our friends. KG did not sleep so well that night. Not sure if it was because he does not like sleeping in the same room with us, or if it was his new teeth that were popping through! That's right, my 9 month old baby has 6 teeth! Even though we were running on little sleep we jumped into a full Saturday, complete with a 2 yr. old birthday, an Easter Egg hunt at a local park, and an AMAZING Mexican dinner beside the Gulf! 

Easter photos taken by B. Galloway
     On Easter Sunday we got up early. But let's be real, we had 6 kids under 6 yrs. old in the house, so no sunrise service for us! But we did head out to the beach nice and early. KG was so excited to be able to play in the water. His favorite part was playing in the wet, muddy sand. It was his first time to eat a mud pie! Alexis really enjoyed swimming and playing in the sand. We had a pretty scary moment, however, when she stepped away from the shallow pool were the kids were playing and into a drop off! I am so proud of her because she didn't panic! She was fighting to stay afloat. I think it scared me the most! At the end of the day she told me, "mom, the water was up to my eyes. But daddy saved me! He's my hero!"She was not afraid to get back in the water, either! My tough girl! Hans had some fun too! He jumped off a bridge into the water. So the old saying, "would you jump off a bridge if your friends where doing it?" was brought to life! 

A wonderful morning at the beach
     After the beach (and a quick trip to IKEA because it was on the way back to our friend's house) we enjoyed a lovely Easter brunch. Homemade waffles, out-of-this-world quiche, turkey bacon, fresh watermelon, and peeps were on the menu! It was perfect! 

     We said our good-byes and left to return home for one night's rest and had plans to drive to another city to see more friends. But KG had different plans. A few weeks ago we noticed some sores that kept bleeding. (I am sure you are wondering where these sores are. It's only natural... all I will say is that it is in his diaper region. You can use your imagination. I mean, I know one day it will be my job to embarrass him, but he is too young now. haha)  We took him to his pediatrician to get them checked out. He told us he was unsure and to come back if it kept happening or got worse. Well, on our drive home KG started getting super fussy. We stopped to change his diaper and thats when we saw more blood! It was at this point that we decided that we needed to go back to the Dr. So we spent Easter night in the Urgent Care. And sure enough that Dr had no clue. She was alarmed enough, however, that she requested that we return first thing the next morning to meet with a specialist. Easy for her to say! For us to do this we had to wake up rather early in order to crosses two borders. But of course we did it because we want the best for KG! One Dr lead to another, and today we found ourselves back at the hospital meeting with a surgeon. Basically whats going to happen is that the sores need to be taken care of and we need to figure out the next steps. The big problem is that all the Dr's are concerned that Kristopher has a blood clotting disorder that has allowed the bleeding to last this long. He has signs of anemia because of blood loss... and today he had to give five tubes of blood to be sent away for tests. My little man was so brave, though! We go on Saturday to get results of the blood work, and the surgery is scheduled for Monday morning!
My poor little guy has had a rough day!
      Really, doesn't it seem like we had quite the break from school?! Well, not only was our cake iced, but we got sprinkles too! The past two days we have had bad sand storms! If you looked out our windows you wouldn't think we had neighbors! But if the sand blowing in through all the cracks in our unsealed doors and windows was not enough the heavy rain that followed it last night really made for a fun adventure! We spent until about 1:00 AM trying to stop the leaking muddy water! Life is keeping us on our watch this week. How was your Easter break?

     OH YEA, I forgot! I cut all my hair off! I have wanted to try the pixie cut for years! I finally got the guts. Verdict: I love it!

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  1. Great update! We had a blast with ya'll. So sad for KG and are lifting him up.