Wednesday, March 20, 2013

recap of months 7 & 8

Geez! Yesterday Kristopher turned 9 months! And I have yet to do a post about months 7 and 8... fail. Well, here is a brief recap and some fun pictures of our silly KG.

Growth: I don't really notice much in growth, but I know that he must be growing because he is reaching the final stages of being able to fit into his 6-9 month onesies. He is weighing in about 20 lbs and 27 in.

Sleep: For the most part, KG slept great the past two months. He kept a fairly consistent nap schedule. But the past two weeks have been pretty crazy as he has three teeth coming in up top! Poor guy is so miserable! He gets upset at the pain. He balls his fists and shakes his head! And I guess the pain is what's waking him up so often. Oh, and he is not sleeping because he uses night time to practice his new physical skills...

New Tricks: Yep! He has learned to pull up on pretty much everything! It started with his determination to get toys from Lexi's toy box. He worked at it for a few days, and then he figured it out. Now there is no stopping him! KG has also figured out how to sit up from laying down.
He lifts his chest up and looks like he will do a proper crawl, but then drops back do to belly crawl. Maybe its because he knows its faster? I don't know, but I do know I am ready for him to crawl on his knees because right now the necks of his onesies are being so stretched!
Kristopher also loves to wave at people who wave at him. It's cute. I can't call him a social bee (butterfly is too girly) because he gets shy around new people. He is a mommy's boy. He cries when I leave the the room and watches the door until I return to him.

Eating: He eats EVERYTHING! Sometimes I don't think he even takes the time to taste. Its crazy to watch how much he can eat at one time. He has tried local food that was a little spicy and he loved every bit of it! Also, we found his new favorite food: Oranges! We had to pry the peel out of his hands after he ate the insides and you would have thought we pinched him or something! He was SO upset!
We are still trying to be really careful of how much dairy he consumes. And I am terrified that he is going to find a stray peanut on the floor and put it in his mouth. (Alexis LOVES peanuts and snacks on them. We try to keep her in the kitchen but we have found her smuggling them into the living room.) It's hard learning to adjust to allergies. I have not had peanuts now for 8 months and sometimes its a real challenge not to start chowing down on a pb&j sandwich. We are praying that he outgrows these allergies.

KG in his new swing! Lexi trying to push/pull him
Likes: Kristopher really enjoys being outdoors. Hans hung a baby swing outside beside Alexis' and KG loves swinging beside her. They laugh at each other! Now that he can sit up with confidence we have started letting him take a bath with Alexis in the big bath tub.  He loves to pour water on his head! Bath time is one of his favorite things! He practically leaps out of my arms into the water.
Oh, and he likes to play with doors. He likes to swing them open and closed.

Dislikes: Like I mentioned above, he does not like for me to leave the room. And I am certain that he is not too keen on teething...

Favorite baby item: The Jumpy Swing that hangs in the door frame. He gets so excited to be in it.

He's not sure of puppies... likewise, they see him as a hairless pup and are afraid of him!

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