Thursday, September 13, 2012

Our Summer, part I

Well, you may have picked up on the fact that our summer was quite the adventure. Here is a little overview of our crazy summer...

May: My pregnancy with Kristopher was a rather difficult one. I had trouble with my hips being out of line, which made walking very painful. Also, I was showing all signs of having an early delivery. So after talking it over with our Dr. we made a plan to move to the neighbouring country to be close to the hospital where we would deliver. I packed enough stuff to carry us through for about a week and a half, because I was thinking that after he was born later that week we would come back home within a few days. OH BOY, that is not at all how it played out! Not at all!
     Our "new" apartment was rather cozy. Other than the mosque speaker blaring into Lexi's bedroom window we felt comfortable. (random Lexi quote for whenever the call to prayer went off: "the mam's singing again!" It really scared her those first few days, and she was really worried that "the mam" seemed to follow us everywhere like to the malls and parks!) We spent everyday before Kristopher's arrival as if it was the D-day. And yeah, we did that for a month! haha! Because we were in the land of Starbucks, Papa John's, and a short drive to Dubai, we spend a lot of time out and about trying to keep Alexis entertained. And I was trying to walk this boy out! But the malls here are rather different than the ones back home. I have yet to go to a mall in the Gulf that does not have a mini theme-park play area! It just so happened that the mall nearest us this summer had an indoor ski slope, ice-rink, and playground. I guess when it is 120+ degrees out you have to do most stuff inside.
Trying to "bounce" KG out at the local indoor park

June: Still stuck waiting...but the beginning of June was not all bad. One of my best friends from America was coming to study language and was able to spend a few days with us! It was such a refreshment having her here! As for the baby boy growing in my belly, he was measuring big! I was still showing all the signs that I could go into labor at any moment. And you better believe I was more than ready! It was hot enough outside without the added baby belly ;) Finally June 19th rolled around. I had to call the Dr. to make an appointment because he never rescheduled me from the previous appointment because everyone thought for sure that Kristopher would have already come...see the issue? No one thought I would have carried him 40 weeks and 4 days! Back to the story. As soon as I walked in the exam room the Dr. said, "Let's have that baby today!" Then in a whirl-wind I was hooked up to monitors and having a final ultrasound. Apparently I had been having contractions that I never felt!? Go figure! About 4 PM I got my first round of induction meds. And with the help of "happy gas" Kristopher was born at 11:45 pm measuring in at 8 lb, 5.5 oz and 20 in. long! 
     **many of you may not know about why it was neat for KG to be born on the 19th. Let me tell you quickly... in-between Alexis and Kristopher we had three miscarriages. Last year we picked a day to remember the babies we never got to meet, and that day was, you guessed it! June 19th! So KG coming that day at the end of the day was really special for us**
KG at 3 days old

Two weeks

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